Rob Estes, President Estes Express

President’s Letter

It’s been 85 years since my grandfather, W.W. Estes, bought a used Chevy truck and began shipping livestock and farm supplies across southwestern Virginia. Since that simple beginning back in 1931, Estes Express Lines has grown into the largest privately held LTL company in North America. And the best is yet to come—because our 85 Years of Progress is what is driving us into the future.

As we pick up steam in 2016, we are continuously improving the things that matter most to our customers. Three elements are feeding our momentum. First, we’re listening to our customers and working to deliver on the initiatives they care about the most. Secondly, new technology—especially on our docks and in our trucks—is helping to expedite some of those improvements. Thirdly, training employees to deliver on those initiatives is a really important part of our strategy.

One of the industry challenges on every shipper’s mind is the condition of the freight when it gets to its final destination. We’re using new technology and training to help ensure that your freight arrives on time and intact. Already this year, we’ve made some tremendous strides in both our equipment and our procedures. We are doing a better job of bracing freight to prevent load shifting, and the new safety features on our trucks are helping to stabilize the trailers. Vital new technology on the docks is increasing freight visibility and helping to ensure that shipments reach their proper destinations quickly and efficiently.

In addition to being good stewards with your freight, we also feel it’s important to take good care of our environment. Our progress in that arena is demonstrated by the fact that we have converted yet another one of our terminals to solar power. Nearly 2,800 rooftop solar panels at our Greensboro, N.C., terminal are generating one gigawatt hours (1,000 megawatt hours) of clean energy every year, which is removing the equivalent of nearly 700 metric tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere annually. And we are evaluating several more facilities for solar installations across the nation.

If my grandfather were still alive, I’m pretty sure he would be amazed by the technology we have at our fingertips today and the vastly more efficient processes we use that simply would not have even been possible 85 years ago. And I know he would be proud of how far we’ve come and the number of customers we are able to serve.

Thank you for being one of those customers, and we look forward to providing you with the best service available throughout our 85th year!

Rob Estes
President and CEO
Estes Express Lines