Security Statement
Estes Express Lines realizes that the security of your personal account information is vital to you and your company. We realize that maintaining our current position as a leading LTL motor carrier depends on both our capability to offer online services to you in a secured fashion as well as enabling you to keep any account numbers, passwords or access codes protected. To aid us in presenting these web-based services in a secure manner, we apply the procedures described below. These procedures allow us, among other benefits, to properly confirm the user's identity when accessing our online applications and to protect user information as it travels the Internet between Estes Express Lines and your PC.

Estes Express Lines gives the user the option of viewing customer-specific information on a secure or unsecured platform. Your personal account information that drifts back and forth between Estes Express and your PC is encrypted when choosing the secured option. Encryption is the process of disguising information as data unintelligible to an unauthorized person. On the other hand, decryption or decipherment is the process of converting this ciphertext back into its original format. When used between you and Estes Express Lines, this technology encrypts your personal information as you send it to us and only Estes Express Lines can decrypt it. When we send personal or account information to you, this technology encrypts it and only you have the capability to decrypt.

The secure platform uses SSL encryption, which results in the pages taking longer to download due to the encryption of the data being sent over the Internet. Due to the slower download times from a secured connection, users tend to prefer the standard sign-in since it results in a more rapid response time. Some browsers may not support a secure connection. Downloading the latest version of your web browser may be required to take advantage of a secure sign-in option.

Many of the services we provide on this website use access codes or passwords, which just take security a step further in protecting your private information. Keeping information private is an essential factor in the success of online applications today. For this reason, Estes Express Lines is constantly looking at ways to improve upon our current online security systems.