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  • Estes Brings Innovative Pricing Application
    to LTL Industry

    PRISM Application offers more flexible pricing solutions and makes freight shipping easier.
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  • President's Letter
    April 2022

    Caring for the people we serve is
    both a privilege and a responsibility.
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  • Estes Becomes First LTL Carrier To Pilot New Carbon Capture Technology

    Estes will be the first LTL carrier to participate in the inaugural year pilot for Remora, a groundbreaking new carbon capture technology.
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  • Estes Expands Savannah, GA Terminal

    Estes nearly triples the number of doors at its Savannah, GA terminal from 30 to 87.
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  • Estes Named a 2021 LTL Carrier of The Year
    by Coyote Logistics

    Estes received a 2021 LTL Carrier of the Year Award from Coyote Logistics, a leading global third-party logistics provider.
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