Retrieve Pickup Request

General Operation Information

This web service operation lets Estes customers retrieve all information associated with an existing Estes pickup request via their unique pickup ID.

  • Communication Pattern
  • Preconditions
  • Postconditions
  • Input
  • Output
  • Errors & Exceptions

Communication Pattern

Request/Reply – This is a communication pattern where the service requester sends a request to the service provider. The service provider processes the request and returns a reply to the requester. This is an on-time operation, which means that there are no (long) time intervals between sending the request, processing of the request and transmitting the reply.


  1. A requester must have a valid My Estes user account, and that account must have the appropriate privileges to call the pickup web service.
  2. A valid pickup ID is required to identify the pickup information to update.


  1. A general error is provided to indicate that the service failed from a system error.
  2. The pickup request update was successful, with a message indicating success in the SOAP response.
  3. Business validation errors are returned in a list citing a code and description for each.


A valid request number is required.

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:est="">


User authentication and authorization work the same for all web service operations. See Errors & Exceptions below for failures.

If retrieval of the pickup information was successful, a response containing the pickup request data will be returned. Below is a sample response to a pickup retrieval request with a valid pickup ID:

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="">
      <ser-root:getPickupRequestWSResponse xmlns:ser-root="" xmlns:xsi="">
               <shipperName>A C GLASS CO</shipperName>
                     <addressLine1>11112 WASHINGTON HWY</addressLine1>
                     <city>GLEN ALLEN</city>
                     <countryAbbrev xsi:nil="true"/>
                     <description>carton of misc stuff</description>
                     <commentText>Pickup appointment date change from 2013-09-30 to 2013-10-02 due to Reason Code:  CR - Customer Request</commentText>
                     <commentText>test SSI comment</commentText>
                     <addressLine1>12 No Way</addressLine1>
                     <countryAbbrev xsi:nil="true"/>
                        <firstName>Pat  Mann</firstName>

Errors & Exceptions

The web service authorization will fail if the user is not authorized. Authentication will also fail if the username and password are not from a valid and active My Estes profile.

If a business validation rule is violated, an error code and description will be returned to the user in the following format:

    <description>Shipper state must be a valid state abbreviation.</description>
NOTE: Business validation error codes have three letters followed by four numbers.


Several error conditions will cause exceptions (faults) in the web service. You can view these error codes and their associated descriptions as a PDF or downloaded as a CSV.