Estes Final Mile

Driven to deliver for residential and non-dock commercial deliveries

Estes Final Mile® is our nationwide solution for retailers, suppliers, and manufacturers that’s designed to meet today’s high expectations for residential and commercial non-dock deliveries.

Our standard residential delivery service – Front Door delivery – places the shipment on the front porch, inside the garage, or in the closest covered area of the house.

See how our residential delivery service works.

Residential delivery service also features:

  • Text Notification to the resident’s phone includes a link to track the shipment, plus additional information about the delivery.
  • Unattended Delivery lets us deliver the shipment without the resident’s presence if  the product’s place of purchase doesn’t require a signature.
  • Premium Services are available when permitted by the place of purchase, and include inside delivery, room of choice, and light assembly options.

Estes Final Mile Delivery Diagram

NOTE:  The residence’s  accessibility can determine the shipment’s actually placement. See the Residential Delivery Rules & Exceptions for more information.

Commercial Non-Dock Delivery

Our comprehensive, final mile solutions also include reliable service for commercial non-dock deliveries. Examples include shipments to strip malls, construction sites, schools, and churches.