Estes Named Top 75 Green Supply Chain Partner

Estes Named Top 75 Green Supply Chain Partner

Inbound Logistics recognizes Estes’ efforts to help shippers maintain sustainable, eco-friendly supply chains.

Estes Named Top 75 Green Supply Chain Partner by Inbound Logistics

Richmond, VA —Estes has been recognized as one of Inbound Logistics’ Top 75 Green Supply Chain Partners for 2021. This award honors companies that go above and beyond to help shippers maintain sustainable, eco-friendly supply chains.

As the nation’s largest privately-held freight shipping company, Estes is committed to providing reliable freight solutions while continuing to invest in green initiatives such as:

  • Expanding its Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) fleet
  • Installing solar-powered systems in four of its terminals
  • Growing its supply of electric forklifts
  • Implementing a reuse and recycle program
  • Using sustainable source materials

Read more about Inbound Logistics’ Green Supply Chain Partners award, and what Estes is doing to deliver comprehensive freight solutions while still remaining a good steward of the Earth.

About Estes

Estes is the largest, privately-owned freight carrier in North America. As an asset-based transportation provider with a global footprint, Estes always goes the extra mile to deliver reliable freight solutions and exceptional service that keep its customers coming back. Ethical and honest, with over 90-years of freight shipping expertise, Estes has worked through the decades to build a robust fleet and vast network of over 10,000 doors and 265 terminals nationwide. And the company’s comprehensive transportation solutions are backed by its continued investment in technology resources, as well as the support of over 20,000 fiercely committed employees. Estes offers comprehensive freight shipping solutions, including Less Than Truckload (LTL)Volume and TruckloadTime Critical GuaranteedCustom Shipping and Logistics, and Final Mile.

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