Overview and FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What happened to your website?
  • Estes introduced an all-new website with a new user experience.
  • The URL remains the same: estes-express.com.
Q: When did it go live?
  • The new Estes website debuted on July 13.
  • There are new Application Overviews of our more frequently used apps to assist you with the transition.
Q: What’s changed?
  • In addition to an all-new look, the new site has a responsive design, so you’ll be able to use the site and see content on any mobile device. This means you can work from anywhere to track shipments, update your contacts, get rate quotes, and more.

  • Estes is enhancing your day-to-day experience with a platform that uses the latest technology you’ve come to expect in a modern website, resulting in a better user interface that’s more engaging and visually attractive.
  • The site’s modern and clean design helps you find what you need faster. Behind the bold look of the new site are redesigned tools that are more intuitive to serve you better.
Q: Why did you make these changes?

Our website is a vital tool to do business with you. We needed to update both the look and functionality of the site to serve you better:

  • Our new design and interface match today’s industry expectations, including better responsiveness on mobile devices.
  • We are improving the customer experience for accessing our systems.
  • We are setting the stage for future website enhancements.

Note that the browsers we support include the latest versions of: Chrome; Firefox; Safari (Mac only) and Microsoft Edge (Windows only), and we also support Internet Explorer 11 (Windows only). If you are on an older version of a browser, they may need to update it.

Each user’s cache will be reset once they have access to the new site, so you will need to reset all of your Estes website bookmarks.

In addition, for security purposes, customers will no longer be able to remain perpetually logged in to My Estes. After a period of time, you will be asked to log in again to My Estes to validate your user credentials. This allows us to do a better job of safeguarding your account information.

Q: What is a cache?

The cache on your computer is where data is stored locally in order to speed up subsequent retrievals. An example of this is when the computer suggests information for use when completing an online form with an address, for instance. When you clear your computer cache, you are clearing your browser history of web pages you’ve visited. When any website is updated, all of the browsers are reset, which clears the user’s cache of stored information. The best approach is to set up a new bookmark for the pages you visit most frequently. Note that all information in your Address Book in My Estes will remain intact because you have actively saved this information, which is retrieved from Estes’ database, not from a browser cache.

Q: How can I clear my cache if I see strange information auto populating?

Different browsers require different steps for clearing the cache. Click on the appropriate link below so you can determine how to clear your cache:

Q: How does that help me?
  • The redesigned tools, created with customer data and feedback in mind, result in a streamlined experience with fewer clicks, combined steps and new features that save time.
  • The new website features intuitive site architecture with new or better organized navigation and menu options that provide quicker access to content. We’ve put the most popular content up front so you can find the tools you need more quickly. And we’ve added callouts for important services and messages.
  • The visually appealing new layout provides all the information in an easy to navigate format, so you can get on with your busy day.
  • The main navigation has been reordered to follow the natural progression of the shipping process and includes all of the tools and/or content necessary to accomplish each step.
Q: What about the tools I use the most?
  • Behind the new design is full-service functionality in a more convenient, navigable format, so you can spend more time getting your products to market. It’s more intuitive and navigable to help you find information more easily.

  • Beyond the new front door, the website features new layouts for all of the applications, including the Address Book; Shipment Tracking; Transit Time Calculator; Terminal Lookup; and Bill of Lading (BOL).

  • We’ve combined three terminal-related tools (Terminal List, Next-Day Points Lookup and Points Lookup) into one Terminal Lookup tool that enables you to search by ZIP or state. So you’ll have the ability to get all terminal-related information without having to jump to other tools.

  • Google Maps functionality has been added to help you see terminals on a dynamic map.

  • We’ve combined three different rate quote-related tools (Volume and Truckload, Time Critical and LTL) into one. So, you will no longer have to decide which rate quote tool to use. You’ll have the option to choose the type of services you want quotes for within one tool.

  • Based on customer feedback, we are providing a better Bill of Lading (BOL) experience by changing our multi-step form into a single page. You can verify information without using a back button and a new toggle feature enables you to turn off sections that aren’t needed.
Q: Will you offer training?
  • We recognize that change is hard, particularly with an important business function. That’s why we’re offering new Application Overviews (see above) to help you understand how the most utilized tools work.

  • We have dedicated team available to answer any questions regarding the new website. Simply call our website specialists at 804-353-1900 x2600.

Q: Will my log-in remain the same?

Q: Will my saved data still be accessible?