Estes Brings Innovative Pricing Application to LTL Industry

Estes Brings Innovative Pricing Application to LTL Industry

RICHMOND, VA —For years, Estes has been committed to building and implementing innovative new technology that makes freight shipping easier for its customers. But now, the company’s going a step further to bring one of its latest technology solutions to the LTL industry!

Since January of 2020, Estes’ industry-leading application, PRISM, has revolutionized the company’s pricing and rating systems and helped to simplify the shipping experience for customers.

Through PRISM, a sophisticated Pega application, Estes has been able to:

  • Provide customers with more flexible pricing solutions by automating several different rate types and combinations
  • Offer automatic quoting for rate types that had previously required manual rating
  • Make pricing entry easier by offering more robust upload capabilities and a user-friendly, intuitive interface

But this cutting-edge new technology isn’t just a win for Estes—it’s a win for the LTL industry. That’s because Estes has announced the sale of its PRISM application to global IT solutions organization, Coforge. Through Coforge, Estes will be able to share its PRISM framework with other companies that can customize it to meet their specific needs.

“We’re so proud to be bringing yet another innovative technology solution to the LTL industry with our PRISM application,” said Estes Chief Information Officer Todd Florence. “At Estes, we’re committed to building technology that not only makes freight shipping as frictionless as possible for our employees and customers, but that can also help the rest of the LTL industry do the same. We’re so excited to be paving the way in this space, and to be investing in technology that’s shaping the future of freight transportation.”

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