Time Critical Guaranteed

Time Critical Guaranteed

When your customers want assurance that their freight shipments will arrive on time and as-promised, a guarantee can provide them the peace of mind they need.

At Estes, our Time Critical Guarantee is the best in the LTL industry, and includes more standard benefits than you’ll find with any other carrier:

  • Guaranteed on-time pickups
  • Guaranteed on-time appointments
  • Guaranteed on-time delivery
  • Guaranteed damage-free shipments

We offer robust Guaranteed by 5:00p.m. coverage throughout the continental U.S. and Canada, with options for Guaranteed delivery by 12:00p.m., and 10:00a.m. in many areas. Our time and date definite services are the perfect solution for all your Must Arrive By Date (MABD) delivery needs.

Exceptional Service. Round-The-Clock Support.

Estes offers some of the best Customer Care in the industry, with a dedicated team of Time Critical representatives available to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. For assistance, call our Customer Care team at
1-800-645-3952 or email tc.custsrv@estes-express.com.

When you choose Estes, you’re choosing a provider that offers the flexibility and support you need to get your time-critical freight where it needs to go, when it needs to get there.

At Estes, we know there’s nothing more valuable to your customers than peace of mind. Our industry-leading Time Critical Guaranteed service is backed by the power of our robust fleet and vast terminal network. And we offer more delivery options than you’ll find with any other carrier:

  • Guaranteed delivery by 5:00p.m. to virtually all our daily direct points within the continental U.S.
  • Guaranteed by 5:00p.m. coverage throughout Canada
  • Guaranteed delivery by 12:00p.m. and 10:00a.m. in many areas throughout the continental U.S. and Canada

Our Time Critical Guaranteed solution also covers services and shipment types often excluded by other carriers’ guarantees, including:

To learn more about our Time Critical Guaranteed service, contact us at timecritical@estes-express.com or

If you’re shipping to big box retailers, you need to be able to meet tight Must Arrive By Date (MABD) delivery windows to avoid retail charge-backs and other financial penalties. That’s why Estes’ best-in-class Time Critical Guaranteed delivery is the perfect solution for these MABD shipments—we guarantee all aspects of your shipment from pickup to damage-free delivery on the appointment date!

Our comprehensive Guaranteed MABD features also include:

  • No Sooner No Later (NSNL) date-specific delivery
  • On Time In Full (OTIF)
  • Multi-Day Delivery Window (MDDW)

When you choose Estes, you’re choosing a preferred carrier for most major national retailers. And with our enhanced freight monitoring, 24/7/365 customer support, and proactive communication to identify issues before they arise, we take the stress out of retail delivery.

If you have a large rollout opportunity, Estes’ MABD services could be great options for you. Contact our dedicated rollout team at rollouts@estes-express.com.

To learn more about our MABD services, contact us at timecritical@estes-express.com or 1-800-645-3952.