Border Crossing Made Simple

Our Canada service delivers seamless, cross-border shipping for your northbound and southbound freight. When you choose Estes, there’s just one point of contact from pickup to delivery, and one PRO. Our gateways are also strategically located close to major Canadian metropolitan areas, providing next-day delivery from many U.S. locations. And your freight ships securely across the border — typically in trailers equipped with captive beams and Webb walls. That adds up to single-carrier accountability, reduced risk for damage, and faster transit times. Our service even includes the most remote areas of Canada.

Comprehensive Canada Service

  • Next-day delivery from 14 U.S. states
  • One PRO all the way, door to door
  • Knowledgeable, bilingual shipping professionals to facilitate border crossing
  • Route optimization to reduce re-handling and streamline shipping
  • Convenient documentation of Canada and U.S. shipments with My Estes


Estes Canada gateway terminals are Canadian bonded, and we are a U.S. Customs-bonded carrier. Our line-haul and delivery agents are C-TPAT, PIP, FAST, ACE and ACI certified, and we are preapproved for Customs Self-Assessment (CSA).

To get Canada shipments moving, you can:

We’re available on both sides of the border to help get you started, and we have experienced, dedicated border personnel to facilitate border clearance.

  • A border-crossing fee is added at the time of the rate request.
  • Beyond Charges apply to some more remote destinations, primarily in Northwest Canada. For points that require special arrangements, call 1-866-ESTES4U (378-3748) and press 43

See Transit Times and Next-Day lanes to Canada.

Canada_Next_Day_Lanes-Callout-Quebec_Chicapee  Canada_Next_Day_Lanes-Callout-Ontario_Michigan 

Cross-border Canada freight requires:

Northbound Southbound
Bill of Lading Bill of Lading
Canada Customs Invoice, or CCI (required for CAD $2,500 or more) Commercial Invoice (if less than CAD $2,500)
Commercial Invoice (if less than CAD $2,500) Certificate of Origin (CTO) or NAFTA CTO
Certificate of Origin (CTO) or NAFTA CTO

To get the necessary forms for Canada shipping, visit our Forms Library.

Emailing documentation

Email is the fastest way to get your Canada shipping documentation to us. Send it to us no later than the day of pickup, and no later than 2 p.m. for next-day freight delivery.

Email requirements:

  • Limit one PRO per email
  • Subject line: PRO number only, no spaces, dashes or words
  • One attachment only: All documents must be in a single attachment (PDF or TIF)
  • On the BOL, include:
  • PRO and barcodes: the online BOL application in My Estes will automatically generate a barcode when you check the “Assign PRO Number” box or enter a preassigned PRO. You can also ask your account manager for PRO/barcode stickers. Barcodes help ensure freight is processed immediately.

Canada cross-border shipping. Guaranteed.

Time Critical Guaranteed delivery (by 5 p.m.) is available to most major Canadian metropolitan areas, offering you guaranteed appointments, pickup, damage-free shipping, on-time delivery and invoice accuracy. Get Time Critical Guaranteed quotes for both northbound and southbound Canada shipments through:


Rates for full, flat-rack and flatbed loads can be obtained through:

Protection From Freezing (PFF)

Protect your goods from the Canadian cold. If temperature matters, Protection From Freezing services is an accessorial fee that can be chosen when filling out the online BOL in My Estes. PFF is available November 1 through March 31.

See our Solutions page for additional offerings, and a list of common Accessorial Services for certain add-ons.

Track Canada shipments on our Shipment Tracker (no login required) or by calling 1-866-ESTES4U (378-3748) and press 43 (for Time-Critical, press 2).