Supply Chain Management

Every supply chain is different. That’s why we make freight shipping easier by customizing our Design and Management, Product-to-Market, and Dedicated services to fit your supply chain and logistics needs. 

Estes’ planning services can help you develop efficient designs for your freight transportation systems and projects:

  • Disaster Preparedness and Response
    We assist with preparation and response to major disasters, and deliver relief supplies to affected areas. Estes has a track record of success in working with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and several states’ emergency divisions. 
  • Process Management and Engineering
    After an in-depth analysis of a customer's shipping and distribution processes, we’ll create a customized action plan for implementing improvements.
  • Third-Party Logistics Management
    When your business requires global transportation and logistics expertise, you can count on our alliances to deliver. Our network has the air, ground, and ocean shipping solutions to meet your supply chain needs.
  • Transportation Management and Optimization
    Estes offers turnkey solutions for transportation challenges ranging from single links to entire supply chains. Our process includes an operational evaluation and strategic planning. We also offer implementation and management solutions with a focus on improvement and efficiency.  

Reliable, on-time delivery and distribution are vital components of a healthy supply chain. We can customize our full range of freight shipping solutions to fit your specific needs, using both asset and non-asset resources. 

  • Consolidation and Distribution
    Whether you’re shipping domestically or internationally, you can easily arrange for us to consolidate or deconsolidate your freight. We can combine multiple LTL shipments into a container headed for a common destination, or we can break down a container and distribute your freight as requested.
  • Cross Docking
    We can unload freight from an inbound trailer, railcar, or container and immediately load it onto outbound vehicles, eliminating the need for warehousing or storage.
  • Pool Distribution
    Pooling multiple LTL freight shipments into a single trailer can lower costs, reduce handling, and shorten transit times. We route these trailers to a central distribution facility or Estes terminal for efficient regional distribution. When multiple shipments are sent to one destination, we can also arrange to use a single invoice. 
  • Product Rollouts and Supply Chain Projects
    Focused exclusively on rollouts and supply chains, our dedicated team expertly plans, coordinates, and manages transportation needs. Throughout the project, count on us to maintain an open line of communication and plan for any contingency. Our large fleet provides control and flexibility, and if we ever need more capacity, our stable of carefully-vetted shipping partners will keep us on schedule. Learn more about our dedicated rollout team.
  • Reverse Logistics
    When items need to be returned to the shipper, we can retrieve them from anywhere in the country, consolidate them, and return them to a centralized receiving location. We offer tracking/tracing capabilities and customer-specific metrics to maximize efficiency and minimize cost. Note that return shipments must be packaged properly for shipping.  

Whether you ship to businesses or residences, you need a reliable way of transporting freight to your customers. Through our 100% dedicated equipment and personnel, we offer:

  • A large fleet, new equipment, and an extensive line-haul network
  • Comprehensive, end-to-end visibility
  • Minimum handling and optimal timing
  • In-transit security plans and other extra measures to ensure the safety of sensitive cargo
  • Uniformed drivers with identification and the option to display your logo on our equipment as desired

Targeted Services 

  • Retail Delivery/Store Replenishment
    We can pick up your freight shipment from a terminal, warehouse, distribution center, or other store and deliver it directly to the retail location when it’s needed.
  • Store-to-Door Delivery
    We pick up finished goods directly from your suppliers (at the point of origin) and deliver them to the end consumer. We can also coordinate your residential deliveries, and provide inside delivery (to the room of choice), as well as light setup and debris removal. Learn more about our Final Mile® delivery solution.
  • Jobsite Delivery
    Delivering freight to construction sites or other jobsites is no problem for our dedicated teams. Whether your shipment requires special equipment, route scheduling and load planning, expedited or time-sensitive handling, or reverse logistics, we can customize a solution for you.