Estes Recognized as a Top Green Supply Chain Partner by Inbound Logistics

Estes Recognized as a Top Green Supply Chain Partner by Inbound Logistics

Richmond, VA — Freight transportation leader Estes Express Lines has been awarded Inbound Logistics’ 2019 G75 Green Supply Chain Partners Award, recognizing them as among the top 75 companies that go above and beyond to help shippers maintain sustainable, eco-friendly supply chain operations.

Several of Estes’ green initiatives influenced this recognition, including the company’s:

  • Reduction of greenhouse emissions
  • Implementation of reuse and recycling programs
  • Reduction of energy and fuel consumption
  • Use of sustainable source materials
  • Installation of energy-efficient lighting

Estes has also installed solar power systems at four of its terminals, and more installations are planned for other locations. Meanwhile, the company reuses and recycles materials to conserve resources and keep waste from landfills, utilizes cleaner fuels for its fleet, and employs tools and strategies to improve its vehicles’ fuel efficiency.

“We’re honored to receive this recognition from Inbound Logistics,” said Estes’ President and CEO Rob Estes. “Our green initiatives are integrating sustainability into our enterprise freight solutions, and we appreciate that the industry is noting our progress.”

About Estes Express

The nation’s largest privately-owned freight transportation carrier, Estes is a go-to provider of end-to-end transportation and custom logistics services. Through a vast regional, national, international, and global footprint, Estes’ comprehensive solutions include Less Than Truckload, Volume LTL, Truckload, Time-Critical Guaranteed, and Final Mile. Backed by nearly 90 years of industry expertise and financial stability, Estes delivers a better customer experience through flexibility and improved technology to best meet rapidly changing freight transportation needs. The Richmond, VA-based fourth-generation company operates the newest fleet in the industry and understands that its nationwide team of over 19,000 employees is one of its strongest assets.

About Inbound Logistics

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