Affiliate Companies

Estes’ affiliates provide worldwide shipping, household moving, economical long-haul LTL, and leasing services—all backed by the resources of the nation’s largest private freight carrier.

EFW offers worldwide shipping with unlimited capacity, flexible delivery, convenient warehousing, and 24-hour tracking. Through its global network of 10,000+ partners and access to Estes’ vast North American shipping resources, EFW delivers efficient, customizable solutions. Visit the website or contact EFW today.

SureMove provides a reliable, lower-cost option for do-it-yourself household moves. SureMove drops off and moves the trailer. You load and unload within three-day windows—and save a bundle on moving costs. Visit the website to learn more or get a quote today.

Clear Lane Freight Systems leverages the available capacity of partner carriers along a non-asset-based network to provide long-haul LTL solutions. In exchange for slightly longer transit times, shippers enjoy more economical rates. Visit the website or contact Clear Lane today.

Estes Leasing LLC provides cost-effective, hassle-free alternatives to equipment financing and maintenance. Contact Estes Leasing LLC today at 1-804-230-1767.