Company History

Reliable Freight Shipping Solutions Since 1931

It all began in 1931 when our founder, W.W. Estes bought a used Chevrolet truck to haul livestock to market for his neighbors in rural Virginia. Estes was looking for a way to support his family during The Great Depression but in time his business grew. Soon he was transporting not only livestock, but farm supplies and other goods to nearby farms, small towns, and large cities. Over the next five years he hired his first drivers, opened an office in Chase City, Virginia, and officially named the company Estes Express Lines.

In the last nine decades, this one-man trucking operation has grown into the largest privately held freight carrier in the nation. Today, Estes has more than 22,000 employees, a fleet of more than 8,500 tractors and 34,000 trailers, and a network of 270+ terminals, with coverage in all 50 states, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the Caribbean. And our company is debt-free, financially-stable, and has won several awards for safety, reliability, and exceptional customer service.

If W.W. could see Estes today, he would certainly be amazed to witness how much his business has grown. But we think he would be even more pleased to know that his company’s growth was driven by the same values of hard work, honesty, and commitment that served as his foundation back in 1931. Though a lot has changed in the shipping industry (and the world) over the last 90 years, Estes remains committed to delivering responsive freight solutions so our customers can focus on what matters most.