Estes Expands Footprint And Improves Service Throughout Texas

Estes Expands Footprint And Improves Service Throughout Texas

Estes is going bigger and better in Texas! By investing in a network expansion that’s helped us increase terminal doors, add equipment, and grow our workforce throughout the southern U.S., Estes is proud to be delivering an improved experience across the Lone Star State!

As part of this network expansion, Estes has enhanced Texas service by:

  • Opening two new terminals in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex and relocating our facility in San Antonio
  • Growing our Texas terminal door count by nearly 50% since 2020
  • Increasing our number of tractors in the region by more than 60% and our number of trailers by more than 30% since 2021

And Estes offers direct, terminal-to-terminal next-day coverage throughout key Texas cities, including Arlington, Dallas, Fort Worth, Grand PrairieHouston, San Antonio, and West Houston!

At Estes, we’re proud to be the carrier you can count on, whether you need long-haul service, next-day delivery or anything in between! And we’ll never stop going the extra mile to invest in solutions that improve your shipping experience.

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